Massage for Charity Parties

Thank you for your response and your interest in the massage for charity parties.  Here is how it works. You host a party and provide me a place where I can set up my table and equipment. You will need to entertain your guest and make sure they don't get bored while they are waiting for their massage.  I will come out to your house, or your business, or where ever you want to hold the party for at least 4 hours of massage, you can book more if you like. It can be four one hour massages or some can be decided into half hour massages. My rates for massage are $50 per hour or $30 for a half hour. I also charge $20 for traveling and set-up fee. For each one hour massage you pay me $30 and send $20 to your favorite charity. For each half hour massage, you pay me $18 and send $12 to your favorite charity. I may possibly bring another therapist if you have room for more than one massage table. Everyone should have a good time and you have done your part to make your friends happy and you have done just a little bit to make the world a better place.

Thank you and
Have a great Day


You can also sell gift certificates in the name of your favorite charity at the same rates but without the traveling and setup fee.

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